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Welcome to BOM's!

FREE BOM'S (Block of the Month Quilts)

When using free Block of the Month sites, be sure to keep checking to download the latest blocks and instructions.  Generally, once the series ends, anywhere from six months to twelve months, the site link will disappear and you won't be able to get any further downloads.

Some sites will sell the complete series after the end of the free download period and some sites will just take the BOM series off their site.

Sewing with Nancy's 2017 Block of the Month!

Have you been collecting Nancy's free patterns for her 2017 Block of the Month series?  It's not t oo late to get all of the blocks for this year!!  Even if you don't plan on making these blocks right away, be sure to download the blog page so you can have it for later.

Just click HERE to go to Nancy's blog and check it out.  While you're there, you can see Nancy's previous BOM's.

  Craftsy FREE 2017 BOM Blazing Star Quilt 

Follow along on this beautiful Block of the Month from Craftsy. You get the free patterns for each block along with FREE videos lessons that you can watch any time that's convenient for you.  Not ready to make this quilt?  You still want to download it into your Craftsy account.  Remember, it's FREE!! and really pretty!!

Just click on the picture of the quilt and type "2017 Block of the Month Class"  in the search box!

FREE Block of the Month class at

What's better than a FREE Block of the Month!

Craftsy has a new FREE BOM each year where you will watch insructional videos for stitching each block.

You get downloadable diagrams, instructions, supplies and more.  Over 90 minutes of close up video instructions that you have access to any time.  How cool is that!!

Get more information by click on the Craftsy banner on the's FREE!

There's a new BOM (block of the month) which is really a Block of the Week from Quilter's Newsletter

It's a Christmas Quilt that has simple appliques.  I say "simple" because each block has a repeat of one applique shape so that's not so bad, is it?

Shabby Fabrics

Shabby Fabrics has their first Block of the Month program for free from now until March 2013.  The blocks are 12" squares.  They also offer the monthly fabrics, embellishments and embroidery floss needed at a monthly cost of $25.00 per month.  There is a $10.00 sign up fee.  The monthly fee includes postage!!

This is a mystery BOM so you can't see the finished quilt yet but all of the blocks from January through November are there, ready for you to download and get a started on!  Just because this is a 2012 BOM doesn't mean you can't make it your 2013 BOM project!! 

Just be sure to get the blocks all downloaded along with the general instructions before the end of the year, just to be on the safe side.  They have also conveniently listed the floss colors used for each month for your convenience.

Bunny Hill Designs

Bunny Hill Designs has a great new BOM every year.  This time it's Henrietta Whiskers. There are nine blocks to this BOM and all of the blocks are available now for you to download.

While you're there, check out her other cute patterns and BOM's for purchase. 

Finished size:  91 1/2" x 91 1/2"

Memory Lane is a block of the month quilt that will be presented in twelve installments over the year 2009. They chose to name it "Memory Lane" because the blocks in this quilt are older traditional quilt blocks that hold many fond memories for the designer. It is a celebration of simpler times.

Click on quilt picture to get patterns.

Click on Image for Link

Click here for Link

is BoM will run Feb 2009 - Jan 2010

This quilt is made up of 16 1/2 inch appliqué blocks. The PDF files contain the appliqué templates only. Block patterns will be available for 2 months each. Please be sure to save the file to your computer so you don't get caught missing out. You can purchase the full set.

I missed the July block by one day but decided to continue on just the same as I may make a table runner or smaller quilt with less blocks.