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Binding Instructions

Double Fold Binding

Read all instructions before you start cutting your fabric. Measure your quilt at the middle from side to side. Cut 2 strips this length   Measure your quilt at the middle from top to bottom.  Add 4 inches to this measure and cut 2 strips this length

Cut your strips for binding on the straight of grain.  Cut binding strips about 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 inches wide.  This is determined by the batting and size of the quilt.  To join strips together to get the correct length, cut the fabric on a 45 degree angle, stitch together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Be sure to press seams open.  If you have trouble sewing correctly on the 45 degree angle, cut and sew simple straight seams. 

fold each strip in half and press with an iron, wrong sides together.  Starting at the bottom of the quilt, attach binding to front side of quilt with raw edges matched to the raw edges of the quilt.  Using 1/4 inch seam, begin stitching through all three layers of the quilt, making sure to use a larger stitch to accommodate the thickness of the quilt layers.


If you have a walking foot, use it for attaching your binding to help move the fabric through your sewing machine.  Next attach the binding to the top of the quilt in the same manner as bottom of quilt.

After the binding has been stitched in place on the top and bottom of your quilt, trim away the quilt backing and batting to 1/4 inch from stitching.  Fold the binding over to the backside of the quilt and hand stitch in place.

Next attach the binding to the left side of the quilt, raw edges to raw edges, again using the 1/4 inch seam quilt in the same manner as top and bottom of quilt.  Attach the binding to the right side of the quilt.  After the side bindings have been stitched in place, trim away the quilt backing and batting 1/4 inch frmo stitching.  Trim off edge of binding so that there is approximately 1/2 inch beyond the end of the quilt.   Fold the raw edge in before folding the binding over to the back side of the quilt.  Make sure that the folded edge is even with the side bindings.  Hand stitch the left and right binding in place.